123 years of service, spanning 5 generations.

Eugene "Pop" Wassler came to Cincinnati from his native Alsace Lorraine in 1880 as a 14 year old boy.  He lived with and worked for his brother Edmond until he was married to Minnie Sporle, an immigrant from Stuttgart, Germany.  In 1894, with the birth of his son Fred and an investment nest egg of $50.00, Eugene decided it was time to go into business for himself.  He opened his first store at the corner of Wade and Denman street in Cincinnati's old West End.  The majority of his customers spoke German at that time.  In 1915 the neighborhood was changing and the German immigrants were moving into the Over the Rhine area of the city.  Eugene and Fred opened a new store at the corner of Liberty and Sycamore street.

 In 1917, with the start of World War I, Fred joined the army.  During this time, Eugene relocated to 14th and Republic street, in the heart of Over the Rhine.  In 1930 Fred and his wife Helen took over the operation of the business.  Fred was very progressive and spent the unheard of sum of $28,000 to completely remodel the store.  It was then considered state of the art for its time.

Fred also opened a stand at Cincinnati's Findlay Market house.  All of Fred's five children, Gene, Bob, Audrey, Eileen and Carol began to work at the store and Findlay Market as soon as they were tall enough to see over the counter.  

In 1970, Fred, Gene and Bob decided to build a new modern store in Bridgetown, where we still operate today.  Fred Wassler never did retire.  He worked every day until a week before his death in 1985, at the age of 91.

Today, Bob's sons, Ken and Dave own and operate the business.  Carrying on the family tradition, Ken's two sons, Mike and Chris represent the fifth generation of Wasslers to work at the shop.