Pops Homemade Brand Sausages and Lunch Meats

Here at Wassler's we take pride in our quality homemade products.  USDA inspection ensures the upmost integrity goes in to our production process each day.  Made right onsite, we've spent years perfecting recipes and fine tuning the ingredients that we put into them.  We are proud to deliver delicious food for you and your family to enjoy.  These products include:

Bratwurst | Mettwurst | Hot Metts | Super Hot Metts | Beerwurst | Andouille | Old Fashioned Hot Dogs | Cheddarwurst | Jalapeno Cheddarwurst | Italian | Hot Italian | Hot Bratwurst | Fresh Mett | Fresh Chorizo

Cottage Hams | Goetta | Hot Goetta 

Pepperloaf | Pickle Loaf | Ham Sausage | Leona | Garlic Bologna | Braunschweiger | Roast Beef